Unico: Top-tier professional Italian Chefs, based in New York City whose passion for cooking focuses on culinary culture, quality of ingredients and are true visionaries in their art of cuisine.

The recipe of our mission is to introduce unique and authentic dishes, which thrill the palate and ignite the senses- creating an unforgettable genuine Italian culinary experience, packaged and transported to any destination worldwide.

Unico sets themselves apart from all others as they strive to create menus using only ingredients from leading local farmers, balancing flavors and textures and combining with the finest gourmet imports from Italy. All the while, focusing on continuously evolving healthier trends and cuisines, with a cautious mindset for harmful ingredients such as sugars and fats. Unico has the utmost respect for the environment and is committed to environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future.

Unico Lab Cuisine,
Manhattan, New York